Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Once again....I forgot this site existed!

I am embarrassed beyond belief. I had, once again, forgotten that this site existed. Even more embarrassing is the fact that it seems like I have forgotten about this site for 5 years. FIVE years! What the hell? I found this site because we are thinking about ramping up again (yes...again....hopefully one of these reboots will stick.....famous last words), and are looking to expand into Instagram and Tumblr. So, while on Instagram, I noticed some comedian has an account under the title "Braingravy podcast" or something like that. It triggered a memory in the deep recesses of my brain (pun intended) that we might have that website already, and, lo and behold, we do!

So...long story short...I have decided to start posting on here again. Its like how I recently got a letter from my state government in about $1,000 I qualify for in unclaimed funds (yes...it really does exist!). This is a golden nugget from the past that I hope to revive.

Links to the main site, podcast and other assorted goodies hopefully will follow soon!

Its good to be back!