Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some major changes are coming soon!

Dear Brain Gravy listeners:

We at the Brain Gravy studios are working on some hopefully big changes. As from the feedback we have received, it appears that Brain Gravy 2.0 is proving to be a  successful venue! We are hoping to maintain our current release schedule barring any foreseeable changes. We are also hoping to present some special episodes, including reports from Z live, who will be attending the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. We have some collaborative episodes planned with some of our fellow podcasters as well.

In addition, expect some big changes in our web presence! We are in the process of putting together an entirely new website, which will include our blogs, as well as show notes, beer reviews, alcohol reviews, general rants and raves, and some other things we are working on in the basement of BG studios, including expanding Z's Applebee pairings, Mr. Whiskey's This Week in Porn, and other fun features....

Ok....back to the studios. Until next time, Peace and Love to everyone! And happy imbibing!


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