Monday, January 11, 2010

The Beer Drinker’s Diet.

As part of my New Year’s resolution from 2006 I am working to loose a little weight. I joined Wait Watchers this morning and already I feel the panic coming on. Can a beer drinking lose weight without resorting to MGD 64 or Mic Ultra? I am willing to bet the answer is yes. Logic dictates I would have to drink 8,624 MGD 64s to get the flavor and enjoyment of just one good craft beer. I will be sure to let everyone know how it is going in the coming weeks.
When I decided to start this adventure I had a face a few facts. I am a beer drinker, I have always been a beer drinker, and will most likely always be a beer drinker. So if I plan on loosing weight then I have to take this in to account.
First thing I need to figure out is according to Weight Watchers’ diet fiber is good but the sugar from alcohol is bad, true whole grains good, fat is bad. So I am going to try and cut out all other unnecessary sugars throughout the week, then find beer that has any fiber and how much exercise I need to do to counter act my debauchery. This week all excess sugar is gone.
I am using this website` as a guide and will be working to learn WW Math to make some calculations. Here is what I have found out so far. For the most part beer does not have any fat, good, but has a ton of calories, bad. One beer can make up to 10% of my intake for a day. No big deal really because if I am more sensible about my food intake I can will have a little more wiggle room on night I drink beer. Now here comes exercised; it is no secret that light exercise is good for your heart, but does not really do much to burn calories. So that leaves on thing left to do, burn some major calories around days I will be having beer.
By the way,  I am not indorsing Weight Watcher in any way. The reason I chose them is because their math is transparent, and I can control what I eat and it is easy to understand what kind of food does what in regards to weight loss. My ultimate hope is get to a point where I am just eating healthier overall and Weight Watchers seems like a good place to start. If any of you have tried this, let me know. I could use the advise…as long as the advise isn’t don’t drink beer. Hey worse comes to worse I will just switch to vodka.
Wish me luck
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some major changes are coming soon!

Dear Brain Gravy listeners:

We at the Brain Gravy studios are working on some hopefully big changes. As from the feedback we have received, it appears that Brain Gravy 2.0 is proving to be a  successful venue! We are hoping to maintain our current release schedule barring any foreseeable changes. We are also hoping to present some special episodes, including reports from Z live, who will be attending the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. We have some collaborative episodes planned with some of our fellow podcasters as well.

In addition, expect some big changes in our web presence! We are in the process of putting together an entirely new website, which will include our blogs, as well as show notes, beer reviews, alcohol reviews, general rants and raves, and some other things we are working on in the basement of BG studios, including expanding Z's Applebee pairings, Mr. Whiskey's This Week in Porn, and other fun features....

Ok....back to the studios. Until next time, Peace and Love to everyone! And happy imbibing!