Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy recording...recording...recording

Ugh! Its been a busy few weeks. I think Brain Gravy 2.0 has been going incredibly well! The crew and I have been recording at a furious pace, and BuBBy is working around the clock to get the episodes edited and out! I'd like to give a big shout out to the newest member of the Brain Gravy crew, The Art of Beer. Her expertise and perspective had been a wonderful addition to the podcast content...plus she can roll with the punches so to speak...and if you are a fan of ours, you know what I mean....

I haven't been active on the blog scene lately as I have just started at a new hospital in my other life...as well as continuing to help out at my old hospital; so burning the candle at both ends has left little time for blogging here. But now that I am more or less acclimated, I will try to update more often. In addition, we are working on an all new Brain Gravy website type experience, which will include show notes, beer and booze reviews, and our own general rants and raves...

Oy...look at the time.....time to get back to work!!!! Ciao for now!!!!


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