Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We're back!!!!

After a long hiatus...way too long hiatus, we are BACK and with a vengeance. We have decided to shift the focus of the podcast, and we hope you all like it! After years of geeking amongst ourselves about beer and booze, we decided to change the focus of the podcast to geeking on beer and booze, with our own Brain Gravy style. Expect more than just booze talk, with some of the old Brain Gravy "stuff" thrown in every now and again....

Episode 8 is actually our first beer episode, with episode 9 in the editing room and episode 10 already recorded! (I was going to say taped, which I do often; its just a product of my age....).

We also hope to have companion posts here on the blog, which might involve anything and everything. BuBBy promises a scathing expose on hand sanitizers, and JJJENNNNN threatens to give her view of Frankenberry...

So...fasten your seatbelts...we are back!!! Hope you all enjoy!

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