Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend recap

The end of the weekend is always a sad time for me...especially Sunday nights, because it means that work will be upon us in a very short time. This weekend was not as bad, because I happened to be off today (the price being a fun weekend full of call!), so I will get the same anxiety in a few hours from now that I would normally get yesterday. However, for me, tonight, there is Yankees baseball followed by a pretty good Monday Night Football game (Denver vs. San Diego....not only two good football teams, but cities that are home to some awesome beers as well!). If you didn't know by now, I am a sports junkie, this being my favorite time of year: End of baseball, football in full swing, with hockey and basketball just starting. But, that's for another post.

The weekend was an okay one. We took off a week from recording an episode, because we have the editing on the next episode well in hand by BuBBy, with the third booze episode recorded. In a production meeting last night ( was myself, BuBBy and Z shooting the shit, but future episode concepts were discussed, making it a production meeting as far as I am concerned), what was exciting for me was the fact that we will not just talk about beer, but plan to also talk about other types of alcohol, which, for me, is fantastic, because it means that I will get to educate myself, since what I know about alcohol outside of beer can fit inside a the goal for me will be to educate you, our loyal listeners and blog readers (all 7 of you by last count) as I educate myself.

The next episode we tentatively plan to drink and discuss the classic martini, with Mr. Whiskey wanting to do Gibsons. Luckily, we have resident martini and gin experts BuBBy and Z, and maybe we'll throw in a special guest. I was already warned by BuBBy that if I show up with appletinis, I am off the I will be going out and buying a bottle of Hendricks sometime this week to supplement my Bombay Sapphire Gin. Other episode concepts are being whiteboarded, and we will all look forward to sharing our future drinking adventures with you!

Until next time...peace and love!!


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