Monday, October 19, 2009

The Weekend is Over, Let Vacation Begin!

Hello everybody. It’s your old pal Mr. Whiskey. Had a great  start to my vacation over the weekend. Got a chance to meet up with an Internet buddy and share some beer…thank you Paradox. The most notable beer we shared was Stone Imperial Russian Stout. I have to tell you, that is some smashingly good stuff. I will be grabbing some more this week.

I am settling in and watching the Broncos and the Chargers tonight. On that subject of football. Over the last few years “Monday Night Football” has really struggled with announcers, I honestly think they finally have it right.

Dead_Guy_AleTonight I am enjoying Rogue Dead Guy Ale and thinking about joining my buds for Martini Monday at

I am off work for the week so I plan on doing some sampling and some other fun things. Tomorrow is $6.00 movie day, so I am thinking of checking out “Zombieland”. Or maybe I will just sleep in, get some Chinese food, and watch movies.

Finally, here’s what sucks. My Xbox red-ringed. a couple of weeks ago.  I was planning on getting some game time in while I on vacation but obviously life has other plans for me.

Well, that’s it for me so far gang. Have a great week and remember, Live, love and drink beer.

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JustHarmless said...

You would think we were tokbox shills looking at the last few posts...LOL