Saturday, October 24, 2009

Recovering from last night's recording

Last night we recorded our 4th episode of Brain Gravy 2.0, which was our martini episode. BuBBy, Z, Whiskey and myself welcomed our special guest, good friend, and expert martini drinker, Paradox, to the party. And it was a party! Drinking martinis for the better part of 4 hours is probably not something one should do on a regular basis! By the end of the recording session, I think it was safe to say that everyone was pretty well in the bag. But I know I learned a great deal. My forte has more been in the realm of craft beer, and I admit that my knowledge of harder alcohols like gin, vodka, tequila and the like is pretty weak, except that I know what is good, and what I like to drink.

Last night, as I said, was an education for me. I learned a great deal about gin: its history, how it is made, the different types of gin. I learned a great deal about the martini, including its history, shaking vs. stirring, different garnishes and the importance of the olive, vermouth ratios, etc. I myself did a spectrum of bad to good gins, starting with a martini made with Seagrams gin (very bad), moving on to Bombay Sapphire gin (very good) and ending with Hendricks gin (my Hendricks deflowering, and an unbelievable top shelf gin). It made me sad that it took so long to finally try Hendricks; or maybe that was a good thing, because I'd probably be drinking a lot more martinis than I have in the past....

It was a blast recording, but I will get the final evaluation from BuBBy in the near future: things that seem to be going great when a bit under the influence don't always translate in the sober state, but I think last night's content was spot on. We covered so much ground, that I think this will end up being a two part episode. In any case, I just wanted to jot down some thoughts, get them out there, and I do look forward to another Hendricks martini later this evening....and you should too!!!