Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gotta move again with this blog!

To all our 3 readers, I apologize for having not posted here for a while. Its been a long, hard road lately...as you can see by how long it took to get out Episode 7! But, I will try to post here some more. I can't promise how often I post, but I will do my best.

Ok..I know this is perhaps the lamest post ever, sort of like some of my posts in the old Tiki Bar TV forums, but I wanted to get something out there, and this is all I have time to do!!!



Phil said...

Dudes, LOVED the latest episode of Brain Gravy. It was far more subdued than episodes past, and actually featured a beer REVIEW! It's always great to hear you guys shooting the breeze, having a few drinks.

Speaking of Padma, I found out last week that she's got a bun in the oven. Yeah, that oven. I guess she's been busy.

JustHarmless said...

Glad you liked it my friend, and thanks for the kind words. I think this is the future of BG....you are going to have to be a guest reviewer for us!!

Heard the news about Padma...wonder if it was Tom? LOL