Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where NumberSix Discusses a Film that doesnt exist yet in a depth that is really unhealthy

As I see pictures from the new Trek film, I had a few observations I figured I'd share.

I'm both "happy" and "well, it's cool" I mean sure, on a pure sci-fi scale I always want more good stuff, and lets face it, Star Trek can be awesome, when the focus is on that universe and not on keeping the ego the ego of the current Captain, Spock, Data actors happy about their personal characters growth. J.J. Abrams has done some stuff that I like a great deal, And I really like Damon Lindelof, who is one of the producers, and trust him to do it right (he has masterminded pretty much the coolest aspects of Lost, and understands fans and fan reactions.
In fact, one of my favorite things about Lost is the official Lost podcast, these guys "get" "new" media, they understand fans, because they ARE fans, which is a good thing.

I like his take on the need for balance between enticing an audies and spoiling the experience.

Part of Lindelof's efforts to preserve Star Trek secrecy, he says, can be attributed to his own experiences as a fan of sci-fi entertainment. "As a fan, I'll always remember when I was kid my dad pulled me out of school to see Return of the Jedi, and this was in '83," Lindelof remembered. "We were standing on line and they were selling programs which were available for the first time that day, and I bought one with my own money for like four dollars, and I opened it up and I started looking through it and I saw Jabba the Hutt for the first time on the day that I saw the movie. Here's this character that had been referred to all throughout Star Wars and Empire who I'd never seen before, and I had no idea what he looked like."

"I wish that I'd not opened the program because how much more exciting would it have been to me to be brought into that room with Bib Fortuna and Luke Skywalker and be introduced to Jabba the Hutt the way I was supposed to be."

I mean sure, I'll never be happy, I'm a purist, and things like having a 1701 bridge that looks more modern than the original BEFORE the original is weird to me, (Even after Enterprise) but I'm a relic, and will quickly get over it.
(besides, I think this image shows that you could keep the old bridge pretty much the same, with some slight updates and.. well it's pretty impressive on its own, it looked cheap because the building materials WERE cheap, not the design. The design became mythic, powerful, you see a layout like that and you know immediatly where you are what it is. It works perfectly.

Hell, lets just say it, it's THE bridge, all other ones are pretenders, secondary, afterthoughts.

I'm cool with the look in this pic, the capsule looks just clunky enough to be rugged, probably a escape pod that ol Kirk used to get a bomb or a Orion slave girls dildo off the Enterpise. (actually i view the release of this image is filler, " it's an an adventure movie you say?... SUPRISING!, I was expecting more of a My Dinner With Andre vibe...")

Actually, after the last few Star Trek movies, i take that back.... since the second to last one WAS closer to a second rate episode of Masterpiece Theater... minus the good. Than Star Trek. And the last one was... well, the only one I never saw in the theater, and I saw ALL of them in the theater, the first five, opening day first show.

This is a close up of New Spock getting physical with New Kirk.

It poses some interesting issues and observations.

A) I like the fact that they were able to scour the universe and find cloth that was actually uglier than the original costumes, well done!
B) While he looks OK, I see this and just hear clockwork ticking in the background.
C) This shot shows the potential downside, Nimoy is an amazing actor, and even though it's easy to forget, he, more than any writer, really created Spock, this makes me realise that the character in the original series could have easily been crap, and it was the fact that Nimoy has the ability to convey layers and layers of thought, conflict, "character" without saying a word. Or better yet, while basically reading a spreadsheet aloud.... I would be very afraid to follow up on that guy, he's a master. And this just... well, doesnt look like a masterful acting moment, but i could be wrong.

But I'm not.

Seems to be a picture of the villian here, since a major plot point in one of the best episodes of the original series, was that we had never seen a Romulan before... well lets just hope that this is some sort of Future dude, who is never seen by any of the main characters or whatever, because that would kind of be a shame. I know it's a reboot, and they arent sticking with the mythology exactly, but cmon, dont fuck with something that worked so completely well. And was used so brilliantly to reflect the past of the Vulcan people as well as being a lightning rod for a classic Trek take on racism, paranoia that was the sort of thing that elevated it beyond being just a silly sci-fi adventure show like Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea but in space!

All said, no game changers here, and some decent signs of hope, as long as they take the time, to flesh out the relationships, to understand that yes, Star Trek was a adventure show, but the real charm of the orginal was in the characters and the ability to hold a mirror to current events as much as the OH-CHRIST-THIS-IS-AWESOME-I-WANT-TO-SEE-THIS-MOVIE-NOW-ITS-THE-BEST-THING-EVER-MADE-BY-HUMANS-I'M-GONNA-GO-BUY-A-TENT-AND-START-A-LINE-NOW-BEST-MOVIE-EVER-HOLY-CRAP-YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY!!!!

I seem to have geekasmed on myself, excuse me while I clean up after myself.

(was this to long to go for the joke?)

was I joking?

Dont answer that, I know the answer.

And yes, I think I scared myself by how far I went.


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