Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Eats Cheap/Bad Eats Expensive

Lately, I've been thinking of some of the foods i used to eat all the time.
I used to pretty much live off Falafel in New Orleans (When i wasn't eating... well I lived in New Orleans, you figure it out!)

But there was a store that sold the greatest Falafel mix in bulk, and I would make a crapload and just munch it for days and days.
And I just haven't found a mix that I like as much since (in the DECADES since I might add) I need to figure out my own mix, I really do.

Anyway, I also used to enjoy dressing up Ramen noodles back when they were considered exotic. (can you imagine a time?) of course, since I'm in solitary confinement for a few days, and really having a hard time talking, or even thinking, Youtube and sleeping are my friends.

And in looking up my old friend Ramen, I found a few videos that amused me, and I just had to share these with you my dear friends..

First up, Robo-Ramen, I know it's wrong on every level, but isn't everything better when served by a vending machine?

The answer seems to be... no.

RoboRamen from eric alba on Vimeo.

This one... this one is named the Recession Special, but I name it awesome, I mean, it's a tad long, but I dont care, the length is perfect, and I want to hang with this guy, and eat here! When he opens the bag it's like motherfucking Christmas Morning!

Recession Special from eric alba on Vimeo.

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