Monday, June 11, 2007

BRAIN GRAVY Episode 003: Something Seeming Slightly Surreal!

BRAIN GRAVY Episode 003: Something Seeming Slightly Surreal!


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FIREBALL!!! The battle cry of thirsty! PRESENT ARMS! The charge of those needing another drink! And with that, off we go with the next installment of Brain Gravy! You wanted more, you've got more! You needed more drunken doctor stories, you've got them! You needed readings from classic plays, we've got it! You needed the inside story of what women really want....its here!!! We've heard your cries, your clamoring for more...and we deliver....and in a big way!!! Heck, there's even cup-a-soup. For your patience, you are getting a special SUPER SIZED episode of Brain Gravy! More drunken tomfoolery coming your way. From the extensive annals of audio, once again, comes Episode 3 of Brain Gravy! So sit back, mix up your favorite cocktail, prepare your shot, as we proudly present the next episode of BRAIN GRAVY!

* Mrs. Spooky's rendition of the warning!
* The Drunken Doctor and more stories!
* Dean does Shakespeare!
* NAGG gives her take on penis size!
* Sick Puppy shares his sheep tips!
* What's Six drinking?
* The true meaning of love
* Toast to Vinnie
* What makes Spooky gag?
* EC's in the house
* The Best Shout Out Ever
* And much, much more!
* Cheers!

Thanks to:
* Mrs. Spooky
* Jen
* Lilone (pronounced lil-ony)
* t3chnomanc3r
* Canadian Avenger
* Dean-O
* Evil (we miss your presence lately!!!!! Say hi to Mr. Evil!!)
* Paradox
* Hula Honey
* Screaming Viking
* Notagirlygirl
* LizzieLizzie
* Shel and Bill
* Elijah Craig
* Elle
* SickPuppy
* Spoon
* Mr. Whiskey
* Eggs - whose audio has definitely been included in this episode
* The artist formerly known as Mamagoot, AKA Valentine
* Artifishall (I never caught the name of his podcast....)
* Thing under the Stairs
* Red Curacao
* Z live from Pluto
* Keelhauler
* Zombified Projectionist
* Kaptn Willy and his amazing ukulele
* and, of course, soon to be BuBBy's new neighbor, TANGOROA!

Shout outs to:

* First, and foremost: Doctor Tiki, Johnny Johnny, and Lala over at Tiki Bar TV to Doc and JJ for the mention on TWit TV podcast

* Kurt, Eggs and Estry over at The Real Happy Hour

* Spoon and Sickpuppy at podcast...and thanks for the wonderful shout out to Brain Gravy in the last episode of Should I Drink That podcast....

* Clarke, Hogdawg and Gonzo over at Dude Night, for the big shout out to Brain Gravy in the last episode of Dude night...great podcast

* Jeffery T and the gang at The good beer show:

* Groucho, CHUD and Angry Barcode over at The Beer Report

* Rick and Dick over at Big Foamy Head:

* and anyone else we forgot.

Musical credits:
Vortex by Kevin MacLeod (
Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod (
Blue Lights by Beat Under Control from their album The Introduction available from Used under the Magnatune podcasting license.

The following obtained from theFreesoundProject and used under the Creative Commons Sampling License (

By Charel Sytze (

runnertrainbirds1.mp3 (

By RHumphries:
rbh thunder storm.wav

By greyseraphim:
heart beat.mp3

and in conclusion, Jen rocks.

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