Friday, April 27, 2007

Adjustable breast implants

Dear Gravyheads,

This isnt a product that i really care about, aside from the obvious laughter at the though of pumping up body parts on a whim (insert joke --->HERE<---)
However, in chat last night, some interest was expressed by the ladies in this device, so as a public service, i offer this article from boing boing.

These breast-implants can be adjusted after surgery, varying the size of your fake tits based on your post-operative feelings about them until you're perfectly happy with your wobbly plastic boobs.
The Spectrum is a technologically innovative design that allows the surgeon to continue making adjustments to the breast after your breast augmentation operation. A small, removable fill tube is left temporarily attached to the breast implant after surgery. The tube is accessible to the physician by injection through the skin. In a simple office procedure, breast implant size can be varied until you have achieved the result you desire. At this point, the fill tube is removed (again, in a routine office visit) and a self-sealing valve immediately closes and seals the breast implant.

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