Saturday, March 10, 2007

BRAIN GRAVY Episode 002: The Shining Face of Something Spectacular

BRAIN GRAVY Episode 002: The Shining Face of Something Spectacular
I feel a podcast coming on. A podcast so freaking awesome it makes all the other stuff we did look this should be part two of it. Well lucky listener, it IS! This episode finds our hero's doing what they do best: Drink and sit on their collective asses attempting to be entertaining. From the gigabytes of audio collected comes this, the highly anticipated episode two. Pour yourself a beverage of choice and join us on this installment of BRAIN GRAVY!


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* We love the warning so much its now in every show!
* The Voice of Reason!
* Mini Pink Floyd!
* The Drunken Doctor!
* Shel laughs backwards!
* Only a couple of us have actually met in real life!
* Pills, booze and Google! The great taste sensation that is sweeping the nation!
* Hear how the Shatner roast gateways us into a whole new realm of something else!
* And much, much more!
* Cheers!

Thanks to:
* Mrs. Spooky
* t3chnomanc3r
* Lilone (pronounced lil-ony)
* Canadian Avenger
* Dean
* Evil
* Rumbaar
* Screaming Viking
* Kinghorse
* Notagirlygirl
* LizzieLizzie
* Josie
* Shel and Bill
* Elijah Craig
* Elle
* SickPuppy
* Eggs - whose audio may or may not have been included in this episode
* The artist formerly known as Mamagoot, AKA Valentine
* Mixmaster secret Tiki music playing sensation Mr. TANGOROA!

Shout outs to:
* Teewinks
* Doctor Tiki, Johnny Johnny, and Lala over at Tiki Bar TV
* Kurt, Eggs and Estry over at The Real Happy Hour
* Groucho, CHUD and Angry Barcode over at The Beer Report
* Rick and Dick over at Big Foamy Head:
* Clarke, Hogdawg and Gonzo over at Dude Night
* Jeffery T and the gang at The good beer show:
* Spoon and SickPuppy at Should I Drink That:
* and anyone else we forgot.

Musical credits:
* "Vortex" by Kevin MacLeod (
* "Electric Butterfly" by Falik, from the album Elvolution available from

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