Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brain Gravy!

Episode 1: Welcome to Brain Gravy AKA: Tales From the Drunken Doctor and Other stuff.


This freshman effort was as much a learning experience as it was fun to make. Taking multiple geographically separated drunk people and capture the essence of the smell of a podcast. This smells like crap? No it smells like Brain Gravy. Be warned. The subject manner is not for the faint of heart as Brain Gravy presents Just Harmless' "Tales From the Drunken Doctor" - multiple times. Included is some spleen venting and a few Jager shots.

Thanks go to: DEAN!, Mrs. Spooky, Canadian Avenger, Number Six, Dew Faith, Josie, Elle Oh Elle, Miss Evil, Keelhauler, Rumbaar, Shel and Bill (big thanks to Bill for voiceover work), Eek!, Screaming Viking, Kaptain Willy, T3chnomanc3r, The CMO, Elijah Craig, Mamagoot, Nurse Betty, TANG, Matt Sigmon

Shout out and thanks to:
Tiki Bar TV
The Real Happy Hour
The makers of Jaegermeister
Baked Pajamas!

Music credits:
Vortex by Kevin MacLeod (
Dvorak Polka by Kevin MacLeod (
Underway by Matt Sigmon from the phenomenal CD "One Opens Up" available from

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