Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We suck!

Ok...I have to apologize for not posting in a while. We just suck! Between work, family, some of us moving, taking weeks to edit a podcast episode, and just plain partying too much, we have neglected this blog way too long!!!

So look for entries in the near future! By the way, Episode 4 is out, and we are busily working on Episode 5. Plus, if I find the time to get off my ass and concentrate a bit more, I'll actually get the website up......

Look back here soon!!!


Monday, June 11, 2007

BRAIN GRAVY Episode 003: Something Seeming Slightly Surreal!

BRAIN GRAVY Episode 003: Something Seeming Slightly Surreal!


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FIREBALL!!! The battle cry of thirsty! PRESENT ARMS! The charge of those needing another drink! And with that, off we go with the next installment of Brain Gravy! You wanted more, you've got more! You needed more drunken doctor stories, you've got them! You needed readings from classic plays, we've got it! You needed the inside story of what women really want....its here!!! We've heard your cries, your clamoring for more...and we deliver....and in a big way!!! Heck, there's even cup-a-soup. For your patience, you are getting a special SUPER SIZED episode of Brain Gravy! More drunken tomfoolery coming your way. From the extensive annals of audio, once again, comes Episode 3 of Brain Gravy! So sit back, mix up your favorite cocktail, prepare your shot, as we proudly present the next episode of BRAIN GRAVY!

* Mrs. Spooky's rendition of the warning!
* The Drunken Doctor and more stories!
* Dean does Shakespeare!
* NAGG gives her take on penis size!
* Sick Puppy shares his sheep tips!
* What's Six drinking?
* The true meaning of love
* Toast to Vinnie
* What makes Spooky gag?
* EC's in the house
* The Best Shout Out Ever
* And much, much more!
* Cheers!

Thanks to:
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* Eggs - whose audio has definitely been included in this episode
* The artist formerly known as Mamagoot, AKA Valentine
* Artifishall (I never caught the name of his podcast....)
* Thing under the Stairs
* Red Curacao
* Z live from Pluto
* Keelhauler
* Zombified Projectionist
* Kaptn Willy and his amazing ukulele
* and, of course, soon to be BuBBy's new neighbor, TANGOROA!

Shout outs to:

* First, and foremost: Doctor Tiki, Johnny Johnny, and Lala over at Tiki Bar TV www.tikibartv.com...thanks to Doc and JJ for the mention on TWit TV podcast

* Kurt, Eggs and Estry over at The Real Happy Hour www.therealhappyhour.com

* Spoon and Sickpuppy at www.shouldidrinkthat.com...awesome podcast...and thanks for the wonderful shout out to Brain Gravy in the last episode of Should I Drink That podcast....

* Clarke, Hogdawg and Gonzo over at Dude Night, www.dudenight.net...thanks for the big shout out to Brain Gravy in the last episode of Dude night...great podcast

* Jeffery T and the gang at The good beer show: www.thegoodbeershow.com

* Groucho, CHUD and Angry Barcode over at The Beer Report www.thebeerreport.com

* Rick and Dick over at Big Foamy Head: www.bigfoamyhead.com

* and anyone else we forgot.

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Vortex by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Blue Lights by Beat Under Control from their album The Introduction available from http://www.magnatune.com. Used under the Magnatune podcasting license.

The following obtained from theFreesoundProject and used under the Creative Commons Sampling License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/sampling+/1.0/)

By Charel Sytze (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/usersViewSingle.php?id=117199):

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By RHumphries:
rbh thunder storm.wav

By greyseraphim:
heart beat.mp3

and in conclusion, Jen rocks.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Adjustable breast implants

Dear Gravyheads,

This isnt a product that i really care about, aside from the obvious laughter at the though of pumping up body parts on a whim (insert joke --->HERE<---)
However, in chat last night, some interest was expressed by the ladies in this device, so as a public service, i offer this article from boing boing.

These breast-implants can be adjusted after surgery, varying the size of your fake tits based on your post-operative feelings about them until you're perfectly happy with your wobbly plastic boobs.
The Spectrum is a technologically innovative design that allows the surgeon to continue making adjustments to the breast after your breast augmentation operation. A small, removable fill tube is left temporarily attached to the breast implant after surgery. The tube is accessible to the physician by injection through the skin. In a simple office procedure, breast implant size can be varied until you have achieved the result you desire. At this point, the fill tube is removed (again, in a routine office visit) and a self-sealing valve immediately closes and seals the breast implant.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally scientists focus on something that will help our daily lives.

greetings Gravyheads!
I stumbled on this little article, and all i can say is.. huzzah!
Although I'm curious, I've always viewed perfect head as an artform, something to be worshiped and truly spectacular when your able to recieve it.

will this change all that? When excellence becomes the norm, what becomes excellent?

Your thoughts as always, are greatly appreciated.

Scientists are working on ensuring we all get the best head possible.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The best gelato in the world.. sailor Style.

Dear friends and drunkards,

THIS, screams roadtrip.

Aloha Monkey
: Gelato made from fresh pineapples, lemons, coconut milk, and
Sailor Jerry rum.
Why: Possibly the most delicious concoction ever created.
When: Mon.-Thurs., 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m.; Fri., 7:30 a.m.-midnight; Sat., 8:30 a.m.-midnight; Sun., 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
Capogiro, 119 S. 13th St. (215-351-0900).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Science of Cider.


So, what can we learn from 150 year old beer?

Seems like we can learn a lot! Although if we want to brew any of our own, we best get started now!

Heres a article from the Times Online.


Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm not dead...yet!

Dear Gravyheads:

Every once in a while I come across some interesting things in my readings, whether it be the Internet, the newspaper or books I read. I want to give a big shout out to a series of books I really think are groovy; these are Uncle John's Bathroom Readers, published by the Bathroom Readers' Institute. They are a series of books each consisting of about 500 pages of stories, including trivia, culture, history, science, etc. They are meant to be read while you spend time in the bathroom doing...well...you know what....and makes it a more "quality" time. The stories are divided into different lengths based on the amount of time you think you will be spending in the bathroom, and are divided into Quickies, Regular Length, and Extended Sitting Section for, as they describe, for "those leg-numbing experiences."

As an example, I'd like to share a story from Vol. 14, The Supremely Satisfying Bathroom reader:

The title of the story (and its under the Quicky category) is Rumors of my Death...It has three stories, but I will share only one (sort of a teaser....).

DECEASED: Jose Estrada, 48, of Baytown, TX

NEWS OF HIS DEATH: In February 1996, Estrada went for a run on a jogging trail near his house. He didn't know it, but just a few minutes earlier paramedics had taken away the body of a man who had collapsed and died while jogging on the same trail. The dead man wasn't carrying any identification; all he had was a set of GM car keys. So a sheriff's deputy went back to the scene to see if the keys fit any of the cars. For some reason, the keys fit in Estrada's GM truck.

The deputy traced the license plate to the Estrada residence. He broke the news to Estrada's wife and took her to the hospital to identify the body. "There was a tube in the man's mouth, and tape over his mouth and eyes, so I couldn't really see his face," said Estrada's wife. She then positively identified the body as Jose. Later, she blamed it on being in a state of shock.

RESURRECTION: While all of this was going on, Estrada finished his jog and stopped at the grocery store before heading home. As he was putting away the groceries, his wife's boss called to offer condolences. Informed of his own death, Estrada raced to the hospital to tell his wife it was a mistake, arriving just after she signed the death certificate. "After I stopped hugging him, I started crying," his wife said. "And I told him, 'If you ever die on me again, I'll kill you myself!'"

I have spent many an hour reading these delightful tidbits while spending some necessary "me" time in the bathroom. I would highly recommend these books if you are so inclined and enjoy reading while in the toilet!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The perfect footwear for your next tiki gathering

Sandals with built-in flask

Reef's Dram Sandals have a built in foot-flask for your whiskey-soaked wanders down the beach. Link (via Uncrate) See also:

Beach-sandals with built-in bottle opener

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Don't kill that sheep!!!

A public service report by Dr. Harmless!

Hello fellow Gravyheads! After perusing the Brain Gravy whiteboard, and some intense internet research, I have found some very bizarre and strange sex laws that involve not only different countries of the world, but different states in our own country here in the United States! As a public service to you, our dear listeners and readers, I feel it my duty to make you aware of these laws, lest you find yourself someday in some Turkish prison walking a circle and talking unintelligibly the rest of your life!

Now mind you, if, after reading this report, and still decide to continue to break the law, try to do it discretely. If you can't do it discretely, then at least take pictures or, even better video and/or audio, and send it to BrainGravyPodcast@gmail.com!

So, without further warning, here are some very strange laws countries (including our own!) have concerning sex:

-In many Middle Eastern countries it is prohibited to eat the sheep you had sex with. A person who decided to eat this sheep is making a deadly sin, and he will never get into paradise with 70 virgins.

-In Lebanon having half of population Christians, men are officially allowed to have sex with animals. Yet, an important restriction is applied: the animal must be female. For sex with male animals death penalty can be imposed.

-In Indonesia a person will be executed if he/she masturbated.

-In Bahrain a man-gynecologist can have patient’s examination only by seeing the genitals’ image in the mirror.

-In Guam, the island in the Pacific owned by the USA, there are specialists called defloration-makers. Such a specialist goes around the island and deprives females of virginity for a certain fee. A virgin cannot get married in Guam. A defloration-maker is the most exotic profession in the world, but this specialist is unlikely to move up the career ladder…

-In Hong Kong a woman cheated by her husband is allowed to kill him, but only with bare hands, use of weapons is not permitted. As for her husband’s mistress, the wife is allowed to kill her by any means.

-In Columbia, in town Kali a woman is allowed to have sex only with her husband. The bride’s mother has the role of an eye-witness and she is required to be next to the spouses during their very first sexual intercourse.

-In Bolivia, in town Santa-Krus a man is not allowed to have sex with a woman simultaneously.

Here in the United States, we have some strange laws as well concerning sex (so we can't go around saying how bizarre the REST of the world is concerning strange sex laws!):

-In Arizona keeping more than two dildos at home is prohibited.

-In Colorado there is a ban on kissing a woman who sleeps.

-In Connecticut, in the town of Hartford, a man is forbidden from kissing his wife on Sunday.

-In Florida only the position “man on top” is legally allowed, and it is not allowed to kiss woman’s bust during sexual intercourse, In Massachusetts a woman is not allowed to have the position of “woman on top” in sex as well.

-In Minnesota sex with birds is strictly prohibited.

-In Ohio women are not allowed to wear lacquered shoes because they underwear can be seen on their “mirror” surface.

So there you have it! And remember, if you find yourself screwing a sheep in the Middle East, please, please, don't eat it afterwards! Do yourself a favor, and offer the sheep a cigarette and some chocolates, and walk away slowly! We don't want to lose any of our faithful Gravyheads!!!

Until next time, this has been a public service report by Dr. Harmless!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Providing health and beauty to the willy and anus."

Oh Gravyheads, how could I not share this? After the article, the prophet who foresaw this innovation.


Japan's ever-inventive sex industry's latest innovation is an adaptation of the facial -- a mud pack for the penis, according to Spa! (3/27).

Authorities have in recent years taken a harder line on the flesh trade, prompting operators to come up with up an increasing variety of services aimed at providing pleasure but circumventing the long arm of the law.

The mud pack for the penis, which follows a wine bath for the gonads, is part of an Italian-style esthetic treatment offered by a Tokyo-based service called The Aromani.

"A whole lot of operations similar to ours sprung up in a short time and we needed to provide a service nobody else was offering and this was it," The Aromani's boss tells Spa! "Our sales point is that we also offer variations, including having the service performed by multiple workers (groups of two or three women), or you can have it performed by a shy woman or another who'll do it while talking dirty."

The Aromani's boss says the service began with the motto of "providing health and beauty to the willy and anus."

The service involves using a hotel sink or face-washing basin and filling it with warm water and wine. This is aimed at improving the circulation. Instead of inserting the face, however, the client places their bottom in the bowl, allowing the penis and anus to be soaked in the suds of their sommelier.

Spa! notes that the washing is performed by at least one woman, who The Aromani insists must be in her 20s or 30s at the oldest.

Once the basic basin service has finished, the genitals are swathed in a chunk of mud supposed to cleanse the skin. Once they are completely covered, the woman (or women) providing the service, then show their handiwork, so to speak, until the client reaches climax, or what Spa! calls the "ascent to Heaven." (By Ryann Connell)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Forbes lists ten best Irish Whiskeys

Whether you consider yourself a beverage connoisseur or just want some help getting your Irish on this St. Patrick's Day, Forbes has compiled a list of their top ten must-drink Irish Whiskeys. Ranging in price from $17 - $1000 per bottle, you can certainly find something on this list that will fit any budget, and perhaps discover something new for your palate as well. Without further ado, Forbes.com's selections:
  • Bushmills 21 year old (single malt), $115, Bushmills Distillery, County Antrim
  • Midleton Very Rare (blend), $150, Midleton Distillery, County Cork
  • Redbreast 12-year-old (pure pot still), $50, Midleton Distillery, County Cork
  • Green Spot (pure pot still), $60, Midleton Distillery, County Cork
  • Jameson 18-year-old (blend), $65, Midleton Distillery, County Cork
  • Knappogue Castle 1951 (pure pot still), $1000, Distillery now defunct, less than one thousand bottles left in the world
  • Connemara Cask Strength (single malt), $60, Cooley Distillery, County Louth
  • Jameson 12-year-old (blend), $33, Midleton Distillery, County Cork
  • Black Bush (blend), $29, Bushmills Distillery, County Antrim
  • Powers Irish Whiskey, $17, Midleton Distillery, County Cork

Dial-a-toast from Bushmills Master Distiller

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! It isn't hard to get into the spirit of this holiday when the festivities are, for a lot of people, centered on the consumption of Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, Guinness, and the odd green beer. In fact, there is a joke that states a typical seven-course St. Paddy's dinner contains a six-pack and a potato.

All kidding aside, and whether you are Irish or not, it is a great chance to get together with friends or family and raise a glass to toast those around you. If you find yourself at a loss for words though, Colum Egan, the Master Distiller at Bushmills Irish Whiskey, wants to help you with this feat and has set up a toll-free line that features ten of his favorite Irish toasts. To hear the pre-recorded messages (complete with Irish accent) simply dial 1-800-Bushmills. (Note: you may notice that has too many numbers for a regular call. "1-800-Bushmil" worked for me.)

Egan shares his wisdom with such gems as: "May the sound of happy music, and the lilt of Irish laughter, fill your heart with gladness, that stays forever after. May your blessings outnumber the Shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go." Cheers!

From slashfood!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

BRAIN GRAVY Episode 002: The Shining Face of Something Spectacular

BRAIN GRAVY Episode 002: The Shining Face of Something Spectacular
I feel a podcast coming on. A podcast so freaking awesome it makes all the other stuff we did look this should be part two of it. Well lucky listener, it IS! This episode finds our hero's doing what they do best: Drink and sit on their collective asses attempting to be entertaining. From the gigabytes of audio collected comes this, the highly anticipated episode two. Pour yourself a beverage of choice and join us on this installment of BRAIN GRAVY!


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* We love the warning so much its now in every show!
* The Voice of Reason!
* Mini Pink Floyd!
* The Drunken Doctor!
* Shel laughs backwards!
* Only a couple of us have actually met in real life!
* Pills, booze and Google! The great taste sensation that is sweeping the nation!
* Hear how the Shatner roast gateways us into a whole new realm of something else!
* And much, much more!
* Cheers!

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* The artist formerly known as Mamagoot, AKA Valentine
* Mixmaster secret Tiki music playing sensation Mr. TANGOROA!

Shout outs to:
* Teewinks
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* Rick and Dick over at Big Foamy Head: www.bigfoamyhead.com
* Clarke, Hogdawg and Gonzo over at Dude Night www.dudenight.net
* Jeffery T and the gang at The good beer show: www.thegoodbeershow.com
* Spoon and SickPuppy at Should I Drink That: www.shouldidrinkthat.com
* and anyone else we forgot.

Musical credits:
* "Vortex" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
* "Electric Butterfly" by Falik, from the album Elvolution available from www.magnatune.com

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Beware the Vampire Fish!!

From "Dr. Harmless: Public Service Reporter"

Last night I was part of a conversation that included several GravyHeads, when our good friend Shel told the story of a fish that was feared because it swam into the urethra of male genitalia. She said it was known as the "Vampire Fish". Feeling a sense of duty to my fellow GravyHeads, I decided to investigate this vampire fish, and follow up with a report here to warn you, our loyal public.

What I have uncovered may shock and horrify you. It will certainly prevent you from going skinny dipping in certain parts of our planet (if you had ANY common sense!). Most of all, it will make you think twice before underestimating something that might be on the small side, because even something small can be quite potent!!

The Vampire Fish is officially known as the Candiru or Canero (Vandellia cirrhosa), and is a freshwater fish that is a member of the catfish group. It only grows to a size of 1-2 inches in length and 4-5 millimeters, or a little less than an inch, wide (10 mm=2.5 inches), although it has grown to a size of 6 inches. It is shaped like an eel, and is translucent, making it near impossible to see in the water. It is a fast and powerful swimmer. It is slimy and smooth, with sharp teeth and backward pointing spines on its gill. The Vampire fish is found primarily in the Amazon and Oranoco rivers and is regarded by the most feared fish in the waters by the natives.

The Candiru is considered a parasite, meaning that it is an organism that depends on a different organism to survive, while contributing nothing to the host organism. It typically swims into the gill cavities of other fish, erects the spines along its gill to hold itself into place, feeding on the blood in the gills of the host fish, hence, the name "Vampire Fish of Brazil".

However, the reason it is feared most by Humans is because it is the only vertebrate known to parasitize humans. The fish is supposedly addicted to the smell and taste of human urine, as well as blood in general! If a human is bathing nude in the water and urinates (and tell me you've NEVER done it and I'll call you a liar!!!), the candiru tastes the urine stream and follows it back into the human. There, it will swim into the source orifice, be it vagina or penis, if it is following a urine stream, or the vagina or anus, if it following a blood flow. If it is the urethra it swims into, it will swim deep into the urethra, lodges itself in the urinary tract, erects its spine (yes...it will get erect, too!), and begin to feed on the blood and body tissues in the same way it feeds within the gills of a fish. As it feeds, the body becomes engorged with blood, becoming further lodged within the urethra. The fish continues to feed, eating away at the mucous membrane surfaces, causing bleeding, infection, and eventual hemorrhage and sepsis, which will eventually kill the host. Typically, surgery is the only way to remove the Candiru, with penectomy generally being preferred to the pain, misery, and eventual death if the fish is left in the urethra.

There are some local traditional ways reported to remove the fish, primarily involving the mixing the juice of the green fruit of the Jagua tree (Genipa Americana)and Buitach apple. The first use of the juices is to insert the plants or their extracts into the affected areas. This supposedly will kill and dissolve the fish. The other way is to take the juice of the green fruit of the Jagua tree, brew it into a tea, and, if drunk hot, it will allegedly cause the skeleton of the fish to be dissolved and expelled from the host within a few hours. But more often, infection causes shock and death in the victim before the fish can be removed. I can also imagine irreparable damage to the penis is caused as well....Fortunately, these fish are not found here in the United States, and legislation is being put forward to ban ever importing these fish into the US. One can only imagine the devastation it would cause here in the states, because of the high volume of idiots who do indeed enjoy skinny dipping and urinating in rivers...

So what's the take home message? First, don't skinny dip, unless its in your own pool or hottub. Second, and I stress this point, if you do skinny dip, DO NOT URINATE INTO THE WATER!!!. And if you disregard these two warnings, make sure you have some extract from the green fruit of the Jagua tree handy, otherwise, you might be finding yourself with some serious shortcomings!!!

This has been an investigative report from Dr. Harmless, solving one problem at a time!!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007


I've been thinking.... is there a religion that I could really get behind.. something that I could believe in?
Something that speaks of a greater truth, that i could actually have *gasp* faith in?
Something that encapsolates the universe of mystery we live in, and my own gravyheadedness and how i see things?

And you know, I believe that my prophet may not have died on a cross, may not live in the sky, but in my heart, and in that worn down bowling ally I drive by at night.

Yes, I believe I have found my one true faith, and I'm a better man for it.

From the Chicago Sun-Times

Abide. It means to wait for something, patiently. Or "to endure without yielding, to accept without objection," according to the official word-definers at Merriam-Webster.

Abiding is no easy feat, especially not in a culture that is success-driven, instant-gratification-oriented, and pathologically impatient.

True abiding is a spiritual gift, mastered only, it would seem, by the more fully evolved among us.

Perhaps that's what makes the Dude so dang appealing. Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski is the central character of the 1998 Coen brothers' masterpiece "The Big Lebowski," and apart from spawning a cult following rivaled only by the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "This Is Spinal Tap," the Dude is the catalyst for a new religion: Dudeism.

Maybe religion isn't really the correct word. Like-minded followers of the way of the Dude might be more appropriate. Or, as the creator of Dudeism.com puts it, "The Church of the Latter-day Dude," complete with Dudeist priests. (I got ordained as a Dudeist online earlier this week in less than a minute. Now I can preside at Dudeist weddings, which is a nice fallback if this journalism thing doesn't work out.)

"Life is short and complicated and nobody knows what to do about it. So don't do anything about it," the explanation of Dudeist theology -- I suppose you could call it its creed -- says on Dudeism.com. "Just take it easy, man. Stop worrying so much whether you'll make it into the finals. Kick back with some friends and some oat soda and whether you roll strikes or gutters, do your best to be true to yourself and others -- that is to say, abide."

In "The Big Lebowski," the Dude, played by Jeff Bridges, is a bathrobe-wearing, White Russian-drinking, mellow, lie-about, aging hippie philosopher/bowler/toker. He endures physical assaults -- including a swirly in his own toilet and a marmot tossed into the water during an otherwise serene bubble bath -- theft, kidnapping and general disrespect from all quarters.

A pacifist and an idealist
But the Dude, ya see, abides. He doesn't answer violence with violence, or ill will with the same. He is kind and mellow, lazy but not lackadaisical.

Oliver Benjamin, the clever author of Dudeism.com who could not be reached for comment (apparently he lives part of each year in Southeast Asia), claims the Chinese Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu was the original Dude because, in part, he taught the idea of wei wu wei, or "non-doing doing."

That's the Dude in a nutshell.

"The Dude is a very genuine person, and he is always the same person no matter what situation he's in or who he's dealing with," said Will Russell, self-described "co-founding dude" of Lebowski Fest, annual events in Louisville, Ky., and other cities that have been drawing thousands of Lebowski fans since 2002.

"As far as abiding goes, he takes things as they come. He keeps rolling with the punches. They pee on his rug and he goes and gets another rug," Russell said, referring to one of the more unforgettable scenes in the film. "He's just content to go bowling. . . . The Dude defines his own happiness. He endures the world around him and the world around is going at a different pace. He's in the middle, just hanging out."

The Dude is a pacifist.

The Dude is an idealist.

He's also something of an avatar of simplicity for the information age whose abiding appeal is essentially spiritual.

"It strikes me that it has something to do with the kind of ironic appeal of this simultaneously shallow and deep attention to being," said Jeffrey Mahan, professor of media and culture at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver.

"One of the things that the Dude embodies is this possibility that we really could do this, that it's not some unattainable being, someone who is hugely smarter than us, or somebody who has the kind of spiritual presence of the Dalai Lama who could have this attention to being, but that it really is a matter of choice and will. We could choose to do this and don't."

The Stranger comes calling
To that end, on his Web site Benjamin provides a few tips for the would-be faithful in a "Dudeo-Coen" version of what he calls "Duderonomy." There are 38 laws, including:

• • Thou shalt always use fresh creamer when preparing the sacrificial beverage.

• • Respect everyone's point of view. It's just, like, their opinion, man.

• • Never go to a tournament with a negative attitude.

At the end of the film, The Stranger (Sam Elliott), seated at the bar of the bowling alley, offers his condolences to the Dude on the untimely death of his friend and asks how he's doing.

His answer? "Well, ya know, the Dude abides."

Doesn't he, though?

"I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that," the Stranger says. "It's good knowin' he's out there, the Dude, takin' her easy for all us sinners."

I second that emotion.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mardi Gras Happy Hour: Pat O'Brien's Hurricane

From Slashfood

Happy Mardi Gras folks! Just about everyone who has been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans has had one of Pat O'Brien's Hurricanes. A tall red drink served in a 24 oz. Hurricane glass which looks like the tall glass chimney of an old fashioned oil hurricane lamp. Sipping a Hurricane is one of the most popular ways to celebrate when in New Orleans, and I've had my share back in the years when I made my annual pilgrimage to Mardi Gras. It's a tasty drink with a bit of a kick, the saving grace is that it is served in a tall glass filled with ice so you can sip it slowly. If you slurp it down fast, then after a few you're gonna feel like you went through a hurricane yourself. Your clothes will start to come off, your popularity will soar, and you'll soon be wearing a lot of Mardi Gras beads and pearls.

Pat O'Brien operated a speakeasy during prohibition called Mr. O'Brien's Club Tipperary. The semi-secret password to get in was "storm's brewin". Then in 1933 after the repeal of prohibition Pat O'Brien moved
across the street and opened Pat O'Brien's and a while later in 1942 moved to the present location at 718 St. Peter Street. The Hurricane was created at Pat O'Brien's some time in the 1940's during the war years. Whiskey was hard to get but rum was plentiful and to order a case of whiskey a bar had to order as many as 50 cases of rum first. So Pat O'Brien created this punch like drink to make use of the available rum.

An interesting bit of Hurricane trivia. Pat O'Brien's restaurant claims to sell more alcohol than any other establishment in the United States. A Pat O'Brien's Hurricane glass hold exactly $10 in US pennies, and is one of the most sought after Mardi Gras and New Orleans souvenirs. I have a few myself, gathering dust in the back of my glass cabinet since the 80's, which I may just have to pull out to make a few Hurricanes for Happy Hour.

If you look around in the mixer section of many stores you can find Pat O'Brien's Hurricane mix in powder and liquid form. To this you just add a decent dark rum. But please, never use the mix unless your in the middle of a hurricane emergency. We implore you to make it from scratch for a much tastier version. Last year Sarah gave you one recipe for the Hurricane. Here's the recipe that the great mixologist and cocktalian, Gary Regan, pieced together from interviews with Pat O'Brien's and other sources and then tweaked for maximum flavor.

Gary Regan's Hurricane

1 1/2 oz. light rum
1 1/2 oz. dark rum
1 oz. fresh orange juice
1 oz. fresh lemon juice (or fresh lime juice)
2 oz. passion fruit juice
1/2 oz. simple syrup
grenadine to taste
1 maraschino cherry, for garnish
1 orange wheel, for garnish

Shake and strain into a ice filled Hurricane glass. Add garnishes and a long straw.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Guinness-flavored Marmite for St Paddy's

Now this is news Gravyheads can use!

Marmite, a spread made from left over brewer's yeast, has announced a special St Paddy's day version made from Guinness yeast. The goo will be limited to 300,000 jars. Link

Let us all bow to this man's "cork aim"

While this may not be the drink of choice at GravyLabs, we must bow to this mans effort and skill with his crotch rocket.

Yes, it's a Japanese show, but the video speaks for itself.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

WE must all do our part, to save the plant that gave us so much...

Nation's gin tree in need of a tonic

By David Randall

Published: 18 February 2007

Juniper, the aromatic bush whose berries gave the world gin, is in trouble. It is dying out so relentlessly on British hillsides that a new study says if action is not taken it could disappear altogether. And the root of the problem is, well, sex.

Junipers were once widespread, and provided berries, wood for fires (it burns with a cedar-like fragrance) and prickly branches that gave farmers a natural "barbed wire". But with diminishing demand (most berries for gin now comes from Tuscany and Eastern Europe) and changing land-management patterns junipers have found it harder to regenerate. In England, the numbers of junipers have nearly halved since the early 1970s and, according to a report by Plantlife, a wild plant conservation charity, the decline continues to a dangerous level. One of the authors, Deborah Long, said: "In England there are very few junipers and those that we have are very old."

That would be bad for any species, but juniper has separate male and female plants. And falling populations of ageing plants do not make for a very fruitful love life. At 85 per cent of juniper sites Plantlife found not a single juniper seedling. Which would not matter were juniper a fast-growing plant, but it is not - unlike its well-known relative, the leylandii.

Plantlife hopes its report will spur peopleto regenerate junipers. Juniper is not just attractive, but harbours about 40 species of insects, and is one of only three native conifers. To lose one of them would be distinctly careless of us.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Ultimate Beer Glass invented!

The downside?

Sam Adams is a fine brew...
But why dont they put the same amount of effort and create the ultimate beer?

Link to Boston.com article

Which begs the question dear Gravyheads... which would you rather have,

The ultimate beer in a regular glass
A decent beer in the ultimate glass?

Remember, sharing is caring, so let us know what you think!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yiddish Hula Boys

Fellow Gravyheads,

While this doesn't have a lot to do with... well, anything, it does touch on two ingredients that are near and dear to BrainGravy's hearts, and our roots.
The two things?
Yiddish, and Hula.

Aloha and Shalom, Y'all

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Extreme beer opening.

Dear Gravyheads,

Sometimes we stumble on things that simply must be shared. Even though it's something that we have not covered in the podcast, it just fits into the Gravy way of life.

This is one of those things.
Enjoy, some extreme beer bottle opening.

Theres a longer video as well, if you just cant get enough, here it is...

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Coffee stirrer alternatives

From the files of "The Drunken Dr. Recommends..."

For those of you male listeners of our BrainGravy podcast, and were, for some reasons beyond my comprehension, curious about using a coffee stirrer to, um, stimulate yourself, I feel that, as a doctor, it is my duty to provide you with alternatives to using the stirrer, because, as you know from listening to the podcast, if said stirrer is lost in the urethra, it can lead to some unpleasant, and even "member"-threatening circumstances. Therefore, I would like to present some "alternatives" that might be a tad safer, depending on your point of view (with thanks to a friend of BrainGravy for pointing out this particular website). Let me reiterate that I neither endorse nor condone the following, but feel a moral and medical obligation to point out these alternatives.

Let me begin by saying that if you would prefer to peruse the website yourself, you can click here or here. Mind you, these are just two of an overwhelming number of internet site choices. I am here to focus only on urethral alternatives. The first choice is called the Single Urethral Sound. What is a urethral sound you might ask? Click here to link to the Wikipedia article. Essentially, a sound is the name given to the device used to probe the urethra, and, yes, there are real medical applications for such a device. But, like anything in our society, someone probably one day went to their Urologist, was examined using one of these sounds, thought it felt good, and decided when they went home they would continue the festivities as a self exam. And after telling his friends, well...I suppose the rest is history, as they say.

Now, getting back to the Rosebud Sound, it is given the following description: "Stimulate his urethra and give him memorable sexual pleasure with this Single Rose Bud Sound. These chrome-plated sounds go easily and smoothly into the urethra, thereby stretching it giving him great erotic pleasure. You can then slide them in and out causing great sensations. There are four urethral sounds that graduate in size: small (3 French), medium (5 French), large (7 French) and x-large (9 French)."

Now if you really want to go sound crazy, check out this section of the Medical Toys website. They offer a wide variety of sounds, including the Dittel, the Van Buren and Bakes sound sets. A customer review for the Dittel kit was as follows:

"Recently purchased a set of these sounds. The first set. Not the last. This set says 8-22 FR. Not correct. 18-32 FR are what is included. Trust me, a much better variety. This variety makes it easier for beginners to pick the correct size to start. I found that using the larger ones are easier. They are not as pointy. When negotiating the 'J' curve, a straight sound can tend to poke a little. The larger ones are less pointy and are much more comfortable. They really slide in a lot easier. They are heavy. Hold on to them. I have tried them alone and with a top. I would not advise being alone. It is harder to tell the correct angle that is needed. That can hurt. A top is important. When the sound reaches the prostate, the bottom might get a little squirmy. Feels that good. You know, being tide down would be better. Have fun. Be safe."

Moving on, the next alternative is the Corona Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier. Decorum prevents me posting a picture here (this is a family blogsite afterall). It is decribed as follows: "The Urethral Amplifier, the most important component of this stimulator, is inserted into the urethral cavity. The electro-stim is passed through outward toward the head of the cock. This creates heightened stim inside and out of the cock head, creating enlarged senses of stimulation. The secondary body of this stimulator is adjustable and covers the cock head. It also separates into a third body, the Urethral Amplifier. The primary and secondary bodies connect, and stimulate, at strategic points of the male g-spot (frenulum) and the secondary also stimulate the outer portion of the glans, which makes for complete coverage of the cockhead." Of course, you have to buy a separate electrical device for this little baby. A customer review was as follows:

"This is the single most amazing toy I have in my box! I am working up to fitting my partners cock in my urethral opening! Electro stimulation helps you achieve the most amazing orgasm, if people say you cant cum and piss at the same time, they are wrong. The only problem with this device is that your boss at work may not be too happy if he catches you using it in the work toilet!!!!!" Wow....

Ok...I think we've all had enough for now....keep reading this blog for other alternatives, as well as the answer to the question, "What is prostate milking?"

Until next time, this is Dr. Harmless signing off!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Milk beer?

From To Be Asian

The innovative minds of the Japanese has created Bilk, which is a type of beer that is made from milk. The idea first came up when dairy firms threw out a huge amount of surplus milk in March last year.

The idea was developed from the son of a manager of a liquor store in Nakashibetsu.

Since milk has a low boiling point, the brewery took care to control the temperature during the boiling process so the milk wouldn't boil over. After they put beer yeast and hops into the drink and began the fermentation process, the beverage looked and smelled like tea with milk. However, when fermentation was complete and the drink cooled down, it had the same color as beer.

Since one-third of the drink is milk, the drink has been viewed as a good way to use up milk in the town. The drink got the thumbs-up from 30-year-old resident Kaori Takahashi, who took part in a tasting session.

"It's got a fruity taste, so it will probably go well with sweets as well," she said.

Each 330 ml bottle costs 380 yen. For the time being sales will be restricted to Nakashibetsu, with six liquor stores selling the drink. (Mainichi )

We won't be able to see or taste 'Bilk' anytime soon as it's only going on sell in Hokkaido, but the future of this innovative drink looks bright!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Do chickens really have vaginas?

Dr. Harmless answers the tough questions...

After the release of Episode 1 of BrainGravy, the biggest controversy appears to center around whether chickens actually do have vaginas, or, conversely, the fact that many people don't know whether chickens have vaginas. Well, I am here to answer that question once and for all!

The simple answer is: Yes! Chickens do, in fact, have vaginas! The complicated answer is that, although chickens have vaginas, they are not exactly like human vaginas. In fact, if one were to try to find the equivalent in the human female, it would be more like a cloaca, which is a common cavity into which the intestinal, genital, and urinary tracts open in vertebrates such as fish, reptiles, birds, and some primitive mammals. In other words, its like an all-in-one common, primarily exit, vent for the hen. The vagina in the chicken acts as the passage from the uterus to the cloaca. Chicken vaginas also have reservoirs for storing sperm. So while in the real world, in the hen, sperm from roosters are used for reproduction, and, it should be noted that hens do not need roosters to produce eggs; hence, the unfertilized eggs are the ones for human consumption.

Every once in a while, you find the occasional mutant male of the human species that finds the desire to engage in a sexual experience with a chicken . And for those who do engage in such an action, yes, chickens do have a vagina! For those who need further clarification, click on the link, or email me care of this blog!

Look for other answers to the tough questions in the future!

--Dr. Harmless

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brain Gravy!

Episode 1: Welcome to Brain Gravy AKA: Tales From the Drunken Doctor and Other stuff.


This freshman effort was as much a learning experience as it was fun to make. Taking multiple geographically separated drunk people and capture the essence of the smell of a podcast. This smells like crap? No it smells like Brain Gravy. Be warned. The subject manner is not for the faint of heart as Brain Gravy presents Just Harmless' "Tales From the Drunken Doctor" - multiple times. Included is some spleen venting and a few Jager shots.

Thanks go to: DEAN!, Mrs. Spooky, Canadian Avenger, Number Six, Dew Faith, Josie, Elle Oh Elle, Miss Evil, Keelhauler, Rumbaar, Shel and Bill (big thanks to Bill for voiceover work), Eek!, Screaming Viking, Kaptain Willy, T3chnomanc3r, The CMO, Elijah Craig, Mamagoot, Nurse Betty, TANG, Matt Sigmon

Shout out and thanks to:
Tiki Bar TV
The Real Happy Hour
The makers of Jaegermeister
Baked Pajamas!

Music credits:
Vortex by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Dvorak Polka by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Underway by Matt Sigmon from the phenomenal CD "One Opens Up" available from http://www.matthewsigmon.com/